The Queen Anne is very lucky to have an active parents association (Queen Anne Parents And Friends Association). Each year the committee is formed from volunteer parents and they work relentlessly to raise funds from a variety of events.

Who’s who

Who’s who

QAPAFA has six board members who help the smooth running of the fundraising but without the support of the other volunteers and helpers, events would never be able to take place.

  • Hazel Nicholson – Co-Chair
  • Abigail Zietsman – Co-Chair
  • Cat Marsh – Secretary
  • Eliana Abbe – Treasurer
  • El Robinson – Co-Media Rep
  • Lisa Warburton – Staff Rep

Introducing your new QAPAFA Committee

We are delighted to introduce you to the new QAPAFA committee for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas, either in person or through our email address

Hazel Nicolson – Co-ChairI am really excited to be the co-chair of QAPAFA and to work with the other committee members to build a great programme of events that generate funds to enhance the experience of our children at school.  I have 2 boys, George who is in Year 1 and Adam who will be joining reception this September.  I work for Coca-Cola in my spare time (!) which is great for QAPAFA as I can get hold of cheap drinks for our events from the staff shop!
Abigail Zietsman – Co- ChairHi I’m Abby, I have an amazing son called Jacques who has autism and he’s currently in Year 1.

I’m looking forward to working alongside parents and carers to help organise inclusive events and opportunities for all our children, something I’m very passionate about while raising money to go towards their education, learning and offering lots of fun experiences for them to explore.

A big part of my role is ensuring we have enough volunteers and helpers so that events can be run smoothly. I promise to make this fun and exciting for everyone who offers their time! If you think you can help us in anyway or have a suggestion on how we can adapt or improve an event please come and speak to me, I love to chat!

Cat Marsh – Secretary I have a daughter, Millie, who is in Year 1. My role as secretary is to help the work of QAPAFA run smoothly and, along with the other committee members, to come up with fun and engaging fundraising ideas for everyone to enjoy and get involved with.
Eliana Abbe – Treasurer I am Eliana Abbe, my daughter Lina is in Year 3 and my son Emmanuel is in Year 1.
My role as QAPAFA treasurer is to make sure financial records are kept and help raising money for our charity to use for enhancing the children’s experience at school!
El Robinson – Media RepI have 2 children, Dylan who is in Year 3, and Charlie who is in Year 1. We aim to highlight all stages of the wonderful fundraising work our school does through Social Media and the school. We also like to promote what your fundraising has achieved!
Mrs Warburton – Teacher Liaison
I’m Lisa Warburton and I am the staff representative. I’ve been actively involved in QAPAFA for 8 years, and have been involved with PTAs for 15 years. I have three children, and currently teach Reception. My role is to create links between QAPAFA and the staff at the school.


Throughout the year there are a wide range of events that raise significant funds for the school, from bake sales run by parents of each year group to full school involvement with the summer fair.

Once the fundraising event has happened, QAPAFA members, school staff and all involved with the school are able to discuss ideas for how the money should be spent. QAPAFA are currently helping to install floodlights in the school playground which will really help with late afternoon activities in the winter time.  Alongside larger purchases like this, QAPAFA also fund trips and events for the children on an annual basis.


This academic year we are hoping to raise £10,000! Can you help us do this?


QAPAFA welcomes all parents and carers to the termly QAPAFA meetings, if you would like to come along then either catch one of us in the playground or email for more information. Attending the meetings and events are great ways to meet other parents, have fun and support the school. We are always looking for new volunteers, whether you have a great idea and would like to run an event or you would like to help now and again, let us know.


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