Attachment Aware School

Over the past couple of years, The Queen Anne First School has proudly been awarded the bronze and silver awards for being an Attachment Aware School.  This year we are going for gold!

As an Attachment Aware School, we have learnt about the emotional challenges our pupils can experience, in particular children with anxiety, attachment and trauma difficulties.  We have been working with the Local Authority and Educational Psychologists to improve and embed our practices, which has included increased training and support for our staff and pupils.  As part of the gold award, we have already implemented the Zones of Regulation and trained six of our Year 4 pupils to be Emotional Wellbeing Champions.

Please follow the link below to find out more about Attachment Aware schools and look out for more information to come over the next couple of terms.

Travel Survey

On Monday, we will launch our School Travel Survey. The survey gathers information about how children travel to school and views on how to make everyone’s journey to school easier and safer. All of the responses are anonymous and the feedback will be reviewed by the School Travel Plan Working Party. We hope to identify ways in which the school and families can work together for the benefit of all. You will receive an email on Monday with a link to the survey. Please do take this opportunity to share your views.

Eco Awareness

You may be interested to know that our new cleaning company use Tersano i Clean which turns tap water into an environmentally friendly cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser.


Before the term ends and we all wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, it is time to pause for a moment and reflect on the children’s development over the past term.

I am sure that for many of you the start of school in September seems like a distant memory. It is hard to remember just how nervous the children felt at the start of the year, whether they were moving to a new class or starting school for the very first time. Now, it is wonderful to see all of our children arriving at school each morning full of energy and smiles, looking forward to the day ahead. They have all settled into their new routines and are engaged fully in school life. We are all very proud of The Queen Anne children.

The school has been full of Christmas joy over the past few weeks. The children have thought about the modern traditions of Christmas and, of course, the meaning of Christmas for Christians. It is a privilege to have an opportunity to see Christmas through the children’s eyes and to share their excitement and joy.

Although a joyous time for many, Christmas can bring its own stresses and strains to family life. If you feel that you would benefit from a chance to share your feelings with others, you’ll find free confidential and friendly support using the links below.  

Mind: Bucks & East Berks https://www.bucksmind.org.uk/guide/bucks-mind-friends-in-need/ Call us on: 01494 463364 (Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 16:00)Email us at: info@bucksmind.org.uk

Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327    mensadviceline.org.uk
Confidential advice and support for men who have experienced domestic violence and abuse by a current or ex-partner or family member. The Men’s Advice Line is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)  0800 58 58 5 thecalmzone.net Provides listening services, information and support for anyone who needs to talk, including a web chat. CALM’s helpline and webchat are open from 5pm to midnight, every day of the year. CALM’s advice on coping with feeling anxious at Christmas.

Quite a lot has happened in our busy, little school during the month of December. You’ll find just a few of our December highlights below. Thanks, as always, go to The Queen Anne staff who work so hard to make The Queen Anne such a wonderful school for all.

Thank you from all of the staff for your lovely Christmas wishes, cards and gifts. Your thoughtfulness and kindness are appreciated by all. Thank you!

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Mrs Street

December began with our amazingly festive Christmas Fair. Thank you to all of the Committee and to all staff, pupils and parents, who worked together to make this event magical and great fun for all of the children.

Of course, QAPAFA have supported the school in many other ways this term, including the cost of coach travel, the reindeer visit, cake sales, Green Team ground work, attending the school Open Evening, resources for the classrooms, Father Christmas gifts and so much more.

Thank you to all of the committee for your continued hard work. Your support makes a huge difference to all aspects of school life. Thank you !

Theatre Visit

The children visited the Watermill Theatre and watched an amazing performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Not only did this provide an opportunity for all of our children to experience  a high-quality children’s production, but also, an opportunity to experience travelling by coach, which was a new experience for some.

Thank you to QAPAFA for funding the cost of coach travel for this special event.

The Nativity

The whole school Nativity provided  an opportunity for the whole school  to celebrate the birth of Jesus and perform to a large audience.

The Nativity is one of many school  occasions when we can clearly see our school vision of Enjoy, Include and Achieve in action.

It was an absolute delight to see the children all shining in their own way.

Thank you to all staff and children for working so hard to make the Nativity such a success.

Father Christmas

We were lucky enough to be joined by Father Christmas , who took time out of his busy Christmas schedule to join us. Father Christmas shared festive joy with all and gave each class some rather special gifts to share

Christmas Lunch

Our visit from Father Christmas was followed by our whole school Christmas lunch.

 Every year, I am impressed by the delicious food and efficient service. I cannot begin to imagine cooking Christmas lunch for over 150 people.

 Huge thanks to all of the kitchen and school staff involved not only in today’s feast, but in the provision of lunch each and every school day. Thank you!

Christmas Service

We offered Reverend Sally and all of our parents a warm welcome to our Christmas Service in school.

We celebrated the birth of Jesus and gave thanks through song.

Our younger children sang about some of the Christmas traditions which continue today, whilst our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils reflected on the birth of Jesus many years ago.

Our Year 2 pupils told us about the meaning of the Christingle.

It was lovely to have an opportunity to gather together at this special time of the year in the Christian calendar.

Vision Celebration

We end our Christmas term this afternoon with our traditional school Vision Celebration.  Pupils will be celebrated for demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and school vision through their words and actions. It is always a wonderful example of pupils knowing and showing the values in their everyday lives.


Last week, our first Book Burst Sessions, led by Jeanette Kemp, provided a tempting taster of a wide range of wonderful reading books.

Jeanette shared a selection of new book titles suitable for each year group.

We are fortunate that QAPAFA fund termly Book Burst Sessions for each class.

At The Queen Anne, we aim to inspire pupils and engage them in reading widely.

We value and support reading for pleasure through:

  • adults reading aloud daily in class
  • inviting book areas in each classroom.
  • providing time to read in class and develop a sociable reading environment where children enjoy reading together and sharing books
  • planning opportunities for the children to engage in a range of genres each year.
  • providing a range of cross-curricular books
  • regular use of the school  library
  • engaging and exciting termly Book Burst sessions.

Through provision of a wide and varied reading diet, we foster a love of familiar books and a keen appetite for new titles.


Thank you to Mrs Morris for organising the Operation Christmas Child project and to everyone who was able to make a contribution.

We were able to deliver a total of 56 boxes to the organization. It is wonderful to know that 56 children around the world will experience the delight of receiving a gift this year.

Sending gifts to others develops our Fruit of The Spirit. A focus on sharing love and joy around the world helps the children at The Queen Anne to understand that they are able to make a difference to the lives of others around the world and see themselves as agents of change.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

― Mother Teresa


The school gathered together in the hall for our Remembrance Service on Friday 10TH November

.  The children thought about the significance of the poppy as a symbol and gave their thoughts to the service and sacrifice given by people in the past and today.

 Thank you to Mrs Warburton for leading the service of Remembrance and to all the children and staff who created our outdoor poppy display.


As part of National Anti-Bullying Week, the children discussed behaviour and relationships in school.

Each class thought about what behaviour is expected, what bullying is and what we can do if we are worried about bullying. Everyone thought about The Queen Anne expectations of Ready, Respectful and Safe.

We were fortunate to have two visitors to school to support our learning this week.

PC Bullock joined our Y3 and Y4 children to share his PC Ben books which have a central theme of inclusion. The children reflected on and discussed the events in the book and the impact of events on the characters in the stories.

Mr Jackson, a semi-professional footballer, led a games session with the children and talked about the behaviour required to be a sportsperson.

Thank you to both Mr Jackson and PC Bullock for taking the time to support the children’s understanding of appropriate behaviour and inclusion of all.


Thanks to QAPAFA, we had some very special visitors to school this week.

The children were delighted to meet the reindeers and to discover lots of facts about how reindeers live, grow and survive.

It was a wonderful for the children to have to meet and to feed the reindeers.

 Certainly, many life-long memories were made and the visit provided a magical start to the Christmas season in school.


Earlier in the month, the FS and Y1 children met with local author Rhian Lynette.

She shared her book ‘Goose and Bear’ with the children, which is a tale about friendship, kindness and bravery.

The children had an opportunity to ask lots of question about the theme of the book and about the life of an author.

It was an engaging and exciting way to develop the children’s love of reading and writing and develop an appreciation that they, too, could be an author one day.


As the first half term of the school year draws to a close, it is time for us to take a moment to think just how far the children have come in such a short amount of time. Children new to the school are already coming in through the gate with confidence and know the routines of school life. Hopefully, all of our new families now feel part of the Queen Anne school family too. Our long-standing pupils are now familiar with their new classrooms and have formed good relationships with their class teaching team. All of which is a great achievement for young children.


Our Harvest Service provided an opportunity for the whole school to show gratitude for what we have and to think of others who may not be so fortunate. For some children, it was their first Queen Anne Harvest Festival and for others their final opportunity to give Harvest thanks as a Queen Anne pupil. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their Harvest thanks in church with everyone.

The generous donations to Windsor Foodshare will make a positive difference to other people’s lives.


Our Year 3 and 4 class participated in a Tag Rugby tournament. They played with enthusiasm and showed good team spirit. There were several children who were noted for their outstanding attitude to sport. Congratulations to Year 3 and Year 4!


 Thanks to Sam Gesell, Debby Batchelor and QAPAFA, we’ve been able to make the most of the lovely weather and explore life in and around the school pond. Through a variety of activities, each class has developed their scientific observational and classification skills. Without the hard work and support of Sam, Debby and QAPAFA, this wonderful learning would not have been possible. We even have our own resident heron courtesy of Mrs McDougall. Thank you all!


Last week The Queen Anne welcomed tree surgeons to ensure our trees are in tip-top condition for the coming winter.  With the hustle and bustle of the new term, it is a moment to stop, pause and reflect on everything these ancient trees will have witnessed, long before the woods became the school’s home.  We are incredibly lucky to have an outstanding and unusual collection of trees on site.  Read on to learn more!

The most striking tree at the Queen Anne is undoubtedly the Giant Redwood.  Not only is the Redwood magnificent to look at, but it is a fantastic tool for learning.  Seed dispersal is far more memorable when fire is essential for the cones to give up the seeds to the wind!

The Giant Redwood can live for 3000 years, but due to logging and fire management practices it is now endangered, which makes our very own all the more important.  Just the mention of an endangered tree sparks curiosity in our children:  “Why is it endangered?”, “How can we change that?”, “What happens to the animals that rely on the tree?”.  We are extremely proud of their inquisitive and eco-conscious minds!

Native to South America, and named after the native American Catawba tribe, the Indian Bean tree is a firm favourite with the children.  With enormous heart-shaped leaves, beautifully scented flowers, and runner bean-like seed pods, it is the focus of much imaginative play! 

When the seed pods are this cool, who wouldn’t be engaged in learning their parts of a plant?!  Do look out for the Indian Bean Tree situated outside the Hall.

A final tree of note for now, is the native Wild Service Tree.  We have walked by these trees so many times, possibly without realising just how rare and special they are.  A little research changed that, when we learnt that they are an indicator species for Ancient Woodland. The Wild Service Tree bears fruit, which until 100 years ago, was sold in markets as a cure for colic and an ingredient of jams and drinks!

We are extremely proud of our little patch of ancient woodland and the habitat it provides,  as well as the Queen Anne children, who respect and look after it.  We hope they will have many fond memories of playing and learning surrounded by nature.

September 2023

The Autumn term brings lots of new things: new classrooms, teachers, friends, uniform and new, shiny school schools.

Over the past few  weeks, the children have settled well into their new classrooms  and I am sure that they are already wearing out their new school shoes. I hope that all of our new families are beginning to feel part of The Queen Anne community too. There’s a wonderful feeling of learning across the school and we are all looking forward to a great year ahead.

We are fortunate to have support in our pond area this year from Sam Gesell and  & Debby Batchelor, who have already worked hard to transform the pond area. Our school grounds provide habitats for a wide variety of trees, plants and animals. The children will have an opportunity to explore  the pond area over the coming year. So far, newts, larvae and pond slaters ( not skaters) have been spotted in our pond.

Pond Slater

Stay & Play Summer 2023

End of the School Year

It’s been another great year here at The Queen Anne!

This year, we have enjoyed exciting learning in the classroom, visits, visitors and wonderful QAPAFA events. The end -of-year class assemblies and Year 4 Performance showcased our vision in action and the range of learning and experiences enjoyed by our children this year.

Thank you to staff, QAPFA committee, the Governong Body and The Royal Free Trustees for continuing to support our school.

We are now preparing to say farewell to those who are moving on to their new schools and preparing to welcome pupils to new classrooms within The Queen Anne in September.

Change can bring a whole range of feelings from excitement to apprehension. However, we know that the children are ready for their next step in life and will be very well supported next year.

We hope that the children take with them fond memories of their time at The Queen Anne.

Year 1 Windsor Parish Church

Last week, the Year 1 class visited Windsor Parish Church to explore a very special sculpture of The Last Supper by artist Peter Barnes.

The children spent time studying the sculpture and finding some of the messages and quotes from the Bible threaded throughout the mosaic.

The children also explored the features of the church with Reverend Sally who said that ‘ the children were a delight, they listened well, showed respect and asked interesting questions.’

Thanks go to Reverend Sally for welcoming the children to the church for this exciting opportunity.