Archive February 2024


Attachment Aware School

Over the past couple of years, The Queen Anne First School has proudly been awarded the bronze and silver awards for being an Attachment Aware School.  This year we are going for gold!

As an Attachment Aware School, we have learnt about the emotional challenges our pupils can experience, in particular children with anxiety, attachment and trauma difficulties.  We have been working with the Local Authority and Educational Psychologists to improve and embed our practices, which has included increased training and support for our staff and pupils.  As part of the gold award, we have already implemented the Zones of Regulation and trained six of our Year 4 pupils to be Emotional Wellbeing Champions.

Please follow the link below to find out more about Attachment Aware schools and look out for more information to come over the next couple of terms.

Travel Survey

On Monday, we will launch our School Travel Survey. The survey gathers information about how children travel to school and views on how to make everyone’s journey to school easier and safer. All of the responses are anonymous and the feedback will be reviewed by the School Travel Plan Working Party. We hope to identify ways in which the school and families can work together for the benefit of all. You will receive an email on Monday with a link to the survey. Please do take this opportunity to share your views.

Eco Awareness

You may be interested to know that our new cleaning company use Tersano i Clean which turns tap water into an environmentally friendly cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser.