The school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework ( EYFS)  in the Foundation Class and the National Curriculum in Year 1-4. Further information can be found at

Click on this link for further information for parents on the EYFS:  eyfs_parents_guide

The school newsletter is the first place to look for information and events. The newsletter is sent electronically (or by pupil post if preferred) and is uploaded onto the school website.

  • Class meetings with the teacher take place at the start of each term. The teacher will discuss the curriculum for the term ahead and explain specific literacy and maths techniques.
  • Long Term Plans for each class can be viewed here:
  • Foundation Stage: FS Long Term Plan 2020-2021
  • Year 1: Year 1 LTP 2020-21 (2)
  • Year 2: Year 2 Long Term Plan
  • Year 3: Year 3 Long term planning 2020-2021
  • Year 4: Year 4 Long term plan 2020 – 2021
  • Samples of writing are sent home to parents at the end of each half-term.
  • Individual meetings with the class teacher take place in the Autumn and Spring term.  We  invite you to bring your child to these meetings to be part of the discussion about their learning. As our belief is there should be no surprises at parents evening, any concerns should have been raised either by parents or school before the individual meetings. We would like the meeting to be an opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning. Children of all ages benefit from talking about their work and ways to make it even better.
  • Foundation Stage children will receive a paper copy of their attainment towards the Early learning Goals at the end of the summer term.

Children in Years 1-4 receive a written report in the summer term. There is an opportunity for parental comments on the report. Parents are able to make an appointment with the teacher if they wish to discuss any aspect of the report.