Archive June 2023

Year 1 Windsor Parish Church

Last week, the Year 1 class visited Windsor Parish Church to explore a very special sculpture of The Last Supper by artist Peter Barnes.

The children spent time studying the sculpture and finding some of the messages and quotes from the Bible threaded throughout the mosaic.

The children also explored the features of the church with Reverend Sally who said that ‘ the children were a delight, they listened well, showed respect and asked interesting questions.’

Thanks go to Reverend Sally for welcoming the children to the church for this exciting opportunity.

Whole School Forum May 2023

Throughout the year , we hold regular Whole School Forums to enable every child to share their thoughts about our school.

In May 23 , we asked the children to think about which fruit of the Spirit the school shows easily and which fruit of the Spirit needs more focus.

The children shared their views and listened to the views of others. They felt that faithfulness, joy, patience, love and kindness were in abundance across the school and that demonstrating self-control and peace can be challenging.

We will now think about ways to help children to continue to develop self-control and peace.

Grand Designs for Hedgehogs

Following the children’s campaign to help hedgehogs, and the generosity of David Herbert Architects, any passing hedgehogs are now able to stay in 5-star accommodation.

Two beautiful hedgehog hotels, donated by David Herbert Architects, are now in place in the Lost Garden.

Sam Gesell, Extended Schools, who supported the children’s campaign said ‘When you are passionate about something, it is infectious.’

We are all proud of our children’s advocacy on behalf of the hedgehog community and we are all looking forward to hosting our first hedgehog visitors.

Thank you to the children, Sam and David Herbert Architects for making a difference to our world.