Learning is our core purpose. At The Queen Anne, learning is planned to motivate, engage and develop children’s next steps for learning.  Our approach fosters a growth mindset in our children.

Our aim as a school, from the very beginning, is to create a context in which your child can grow into a confident, capable and resilient individual.

Each year holds a new set of challenges for every pupil. Some things change, but our key aims of support and challenge remain the same.

In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which builds on the children’s existing skills and development. Learning is play based and teachers work alongside the children to develop the children’s skills.

In Years 1-4, we follow the new National Curriculum. Children study English, Mathematics, Science, P.E, History, Geography, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Personal, Social and Emotional Education, Spanish (Year 3 and 4)

We plan learning opportunities to develop children’s thinking skills. Children are encouraged to think, question and discuss in all subject areas. Children are supported to develop a growth mindset approach to learning.

We recognise that each child has their own learning needs. We plan a differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of each child. Work is planned to address specific skills development.

Learning for all children is enriched through a wide range of school visits, visitors and themed learning weeks.

We are fortunate to have extensive school grounds, which are used not only to develop learning in an outdoor environment, but also to develop understanding of sustainability and about local, national and global environment issues.

A turtle makes progress when it sticks its neck out. (Anon)