Sport at the Queen Anne

Throughout their time at The Queen Anne, our children will benefit from a wide range of sporting opportunities. All children at The Queen Anne have at least two hours of P.E. per week.

Our usual annual programme of class based Physical Education includes:

Autumn Spring Summer
FS Games, dance Travelling on gym equipment, gymnastics Dance, running
Year 1 Games, gymnastics Dance, games, gymnastics Athletics, games
Year 2 Tag Rugby, Dance, Gymnastics Football, ball skills/ games, dance Athletics,  catching games
Year 3 Netball, Benchball, gymnastics Dance, hockey, maypole dancing Athletics, Kwik cricket, rounders
Year 4 Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball Dance, Hockey, Golf, Athletics Tennis, athletics, kwik Cricket, rounders


Expert Coaches:  Through our links with The Windsor Sports Partnership, our children benefit from a regular programme of expert tuition, which augments the class teaching.  We benefit from expert coaching in Gymnastics, Rugby, Hockey, Dance, Golf, Netball, Football, Tennis, Kwik Cricket and Athletics.


‘I like the outside coaches coming in because we can learn from experts too’

Child’s comment

Competition: We recognise that, as a small school, we need to join forces with others to offer the children increasingly competitive experiences. Through our association with Windsor Sports Partnership, we compete against a number of other schools in the area. Competitions we have, or will, participate in this academic year are:

  • Benchball
  • Multi-skills
  • Dance Festival
  • Orienteering
  • Hockey
  • Tri Golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  •  New Age Kurling
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  •  Boccia
  •  Netball
  • Mini tennis

Going out to do sport is fun, and we cheer each other on to make us confident.’

 Child’s comment


Sports Day ; our annual Sports Day allows the children to  compete against each other in both skills based activities and running races

It’s great on Sports Day as we are  all of us together’.

Child’s comment

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